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Drums in Church   What's the problem?

January 1, 2015 by Larren Cole 

    It all started when my mom brought home an album from a well known christian music group. All the songs on the album were good except one...there was one song on that album that had drums in it. It was just a light snare drum tap, but it got to me and I was enchanted by that one song. From there, my mind became more and more enraptured by the rock rhythms made by the trap set and I got more and more into drums and rock music. I went on to study drums and even took a few years of drum lessons. Later, I started a two man group with a talented young keyboardist and together we lived the life of a typical starving artist rock group. We spent years together writing and recording music. We thought we were the most talented rock artists on earth, and eventually we got a manager who managed to get us a recording contract with a producer in N. Hollywood.
    Somehow, this is when things started to go wrong for our ambitions. We started getting into mischief and much trouble including crime. Eventually, this led to the break up of our group. The next thing I knew, I found myself in court as the defendent in a criminal trial facing 10 years in jail. (see the video, right)
    Through a series of miracles, instead of 10 years in jail, I became a Christian. I began to give up the sin in my life but was still clinging to my rock music.
It ended quite abruptly one day while I was in a gym exercising on the stair climber and listening to the "Beasty Boys" on my headphones.
    About half way into my workout, my dear friend Bill, who was instrumental in my new Christian walk, jumped up on the stair climber next to mine. Bill said to me, "Whatcha listening to Larren?" Too tired to talk, I took the headphones off my head and handed them to Bill so he could hear. Bill put the headphones on but as soon as his ears tuned into the intense pounding drum rhythms he yanked them off quickly. Bill had a genuinely sour look on his face as he handed the headphones back to me.
    Bill's sour face puzzelled me because I looked up to Bill as a godly Christian mentor who had impacted me in my search for Jesus. As I took the headphones back I wondered about Bill's strange sour face. Just then, a voice spoke to me. It was the Holy Spirit. He said, "People who follow Jesus don't listen to that kind of music." That was enough for me. I set my heart on ridding my library of rock music...and any music, for that matter, which used trap set type drums to accentuate the beat of the music. As I did this, my desire for that kind of music left me and I have never looked back.
    I am convinced that there is much harm in music that uses the drum rhythms of the trap set. Isn't it ironic that such an instrument should be called a "Trap Set"? Because that's just what it is; A trap...set for mankind.

"I found and am really enjoying your website! Love your very insightful sermons. Definitely on my favorites list now." S.H.

"What an awesome page. I will be telling more people. Praise God for the voice of present truth for this generation." D.L.

"Received your study guides 1 and 2 and want the rest. I'm showing them to others." FRAN.

"Hi, my name is Dean. I am a sinner. I need God in my life. Please sign me up for Bible study. I've done so much wrong to so many people, I need your help."

"THANK YOU for sending me the studies on the Sabbath and the commandments! You are very articulate and thorough and it has been such an awesome answer to prayer and all the questions I've been struggling with! How you thought of me on the very day I was crying out to God for an answer
I don't know. But I'm praising God for this. Seems there are others all around me interested in these very teachings (even my husband), and they are so important!"   Belize

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Should our churches use drums or rock music? We'd love to post your comment below>

Anonymous 12/31:  I am not understanding how an instrument leads to someone sinning. I have probationers tell me they committed the crime because they were raised that way. I don't think a drum is the cause. Your choices lead you down the right or wrong path .

Rick Howard 1/1/15: I too was a drummer in a band in NYC before serving the Lord in ministry for the last 40 years. The "off beat" rhythm, like all rhythms have an effect on the autonomic nervous system. This particular rhythm drives one to get up and move. When the emphasis is on the 2nd and fourth beat - we want to dance. When it is on the first and third, like Onward Christian Soldiers, our hearts are lifted up to God.