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A New Beaver Study at Dismal Swamp
We've discovered a new family of beavers in our area.  I wonder if these beavers rest on Saturday also? Keep praying and supporting this study and let's find out! This beaver pond was extremely hard to find and even harder to get to...Remote and located in a spot rarely observed by people, this place is at 7106 feet of elevation in a place called Dismal Swamp. This place is anything but dismal. Its absolutely beautiful and quiet. How on earth did we ever find this place? Well, I stumbled across it while mapping out an exploration trek on Google Earth. Despite the difficulty in getting to it, this place is perfect for observation. No one is up there to disturb the beavers and it has a really neat mountain just west of the pond with a rock outcropping where we can sit high above and observe the entire pond in secrecy. Good thing we have a great 4x4 vehicle to get us in to tough spots like this. Here's a few video clips of our trusty film vehicle at work. The Lord has really blessed us with this 1996 Chevy Tahoe. Its perfect for filming, summer or winter! 

Why do they slap their tails?
It's been commonly taught that beavers slap their tails to warn others of danger, but after observing beavers for years now, I've been wondering if beavers really slap their tails because they are trying to warn other beavers. I've noticed beavers slapping their tail when no other beavers are around. Sometimes they slap their tails when there is no apparent danger. Sometimes they slap their tails multiple times. Here's what I think; Beavers slap their tails so they can get under water quickly. Sure, they slap their tails because they are frightened, but to me it doesn't look like they're trying to warn others. It looks like they are trying to submerge as quick as possible to hide from whatever frightened them. Watch some of our video clips and see how much quicker tail slapping gets them under water>

We're soliciting expert testimonies from...
bible scholars such as Pastor Jerry Bandy who sat down in front of our cameras this week to make a statement. These statements are designed to clear up misunderstanding in scripture concerning why most Christians observe Sunday. Please continue to pray and support this project. We are getting many inquiries as to WHEN this DVD will be ready..

"That beaver movie is really exciting and intriguing. Can't wait to see the finished production! " CA

Flat tires are par for the course when traveling to and from the backwoods beaver areas that we go to. Many times we travel where no car has gone before to be able to study and film the behavior of these fascinating critters. I've lost count as to how many flats we've actually gotten, but we finally decided to upgrade to a higher quality tire: nearly $1000 for this upgrade, but it was necessary. Did it help? Yes, until one of our new tires found a hidden pair of needle nose pliers poking out of the ground. The tire went back to the dealer who will decide if the warranty will cover the replacement or not. Please pray it does!! The video to the right shows our last flat with the old tires. I'll try to post the video of us finally taking our truck in to get the new tires.

"No doubt this has got to be God's mighty hand. He chose perhaps one of the busiest creatures on earth as a testimony to His Holy Sabbath Day. Gives me chills for sure! May God continue to richly bless your ministry" Timothy, CA

That's exactly what I discovered after conducting a prolonged observational study of one particular family of beavers near my home. I've spent years in this extremely remote wilderness area observing and documenting my findings. My observations were that this family of beavers never came out of their lodge on Saturdays but they were fully active on all the other days of the week. This discovery is so amazing and has so many fascinating details that I felt impressed to share the whole story in a video documentary. This amazing documentary has already aired several times on TV and now it's available on DVD. Filmed on location in high definition, the cinematography is excellent! The story includes Bible experts such as Neil Nedley, Shelly Quinn, Steve Wohlberg and Jerry Bandy who give reasons why an animal might rest on Saturdays. Great for sharing!
All proceeds will go to our Revelation 101 Bible School and evangelism work. Thank you for your support!


Ever since it aired on 3ABN's network, people all over the world have been expressing an interest in seeing the finished DVD product. While we continue to progress towards our final release date, funds for this project are needed. We appreciate those who have contributed to this project so far and trust in God to provide for it's completion. And He will provide!! We're almost 10 minutes into the story line at this point but we've used every bit of funding to get this far. One of our production needs includes a trip to Brazil to film and document a colony of bees that apparently rests on Saturdays too. You can read more about these bees at this link>

"Praying for this project. I beleive National Geographic might be interested in this. From looking at the trailer, the quality and scenery is absolutely stunning." Lauri, CA

"I love it!! This is something I can be proud of. Thank you for helping us witness in such a mighty way." Kelly

"This is definitely something intriguing and we will keep our thoughts and prayers with you as you continue." Sherry

We got a little spring snow shower up at the beaver dam today. Here's a little video we just shot to sorta give you an update on our progress. Some are wondering, what's taking so long? Well, we're working as fast a we can with what we have. About 90% of the production costs are coming from our own family. We're putting all we can into this documentary out of our own pockets, but unfortunately our pockets aren't very deep. Even though we've had to do a little "tent making", we're confident that the Lord will help us complete this project. We want to sincerely thank those of you who have been supporting this project. Also, many thanks to all who are praying too. We appreciate you!

"I watched the Beavers trailer today. I want to see the finished film. Very interesting, I think it will be a blessing." George, OR

We're just about done! As soon as we can film a few closing scenes, we'll be ready to release a 30 minute TV version of the 7th Day Beavers film. The beaver pond is frozen solid now and hard to access but beavers don't hibernate and we'll be able to get the closing scenes we need very soon. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your comments or questions. Why do you think these beavers rest every Saturday? Email me your comments and questions!

"The story in intriguing and the video work is super! You have my prayers for the video production of this wonderful story" Pastor James Rafferty, OR



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