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Jackson: A Modern Day Resurrection
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No Buying, No Selling How Should I Prepare? (2 DVDs)

What would you do if you suddenly lost the ability to buy and sell? What would you do for water, food or shelter? The Bible tells us that God's true people will be in this situation at the end of time unless they accept a damning mark? Does God want us to prepare? Find answers in this 2 part series with Larren Cole. (Comes with study guides)

Revelation Revealed Prophecy Seminar

A Modern Day Resurrection

This is the true story about Larren Cole's son Jackson who died and was revived and miraculously restored back to health. This is an excellent sharing book to show how God is still doing miracles today and what really happens to people when they die.
Author: Larren Cole

Revelation 101 Survival Training Course Study Guides

This is Larren Cole's complete evangelistic prophecy series. This 17 part prophecy seminar blends unique illustrations with the complete 3 Angel's Messages found in Revelation 14. 

These 8 page color illustrated study guides are available FREE when you order one at a time. But if you want to order them in bulk for group studies they are available here for 50 cents each or $9 per set (each set
has 19 guides). To order, click on the button
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$9 per set

The Single DVD's with cases below are yours for a DONATION OF ANY AMMOUNT    -    Your donation will go to support our evangelistic work. THANK YOU!

Can a "saved" person choose to turn away from Jesus? One of the most dangerous teachings circulating among Christians is that you can ignore or reject truth from God's word once you become "saved". Share this informative video with a friend!

Final Approach

Jesus said to ask for it. The Bible says we must have it to be saved. See how landing an airplane and the parable of the 10 virgins illustrates the most important need a Christian has just before Jesus comes. This presentation digs deep into the personhood of the Holy Spirit.

Why am I not on Fire?

Why are some people so passionate about Jesus and the gospel while others seem so complacent? In this video presentation we study to find out the real "ON-FIRE" secret.

This is an excellent resource to help someone understand how to interpret the signs and symbols found in the book of Revelation. Several examples are given in this presentation to show that the Bible actually interprets itself. A study guide comes with this video that has a list of symbolic words and their meanings.

Revelation's Sign Language


"I stopped going to church. I just couldn't go there anymore. I felt so uncomfortable because someon criticized me for____. What should I do?"
After getting this letter from a young lady, I prayerfully considered my answer and came up with a 7 step plan for her to return to church. This plan might be just what you need to help someone you know.
speaker: Larren Cole

7 Steps Back to Church
How to Chase People Out of Church
(2 part DVD set)

Young Person's Week of Prayer
Study Guides - 5 part set

Here is a nice tool to use when speaking for a young
person's week of prayer meeting or just holding
a short bible study or even a family
worship. These five lessons include:
1. Jesus' 2nd Coming ..........
2. The Sabbath......................
3. Tithing and Stewardship
4. Heaven.............................
5. Baptism......................... 

$2 per set

The 7th Day Beavers
Documentary DVD

This amazing documentary video is about a family of beavers that doesn't work on Saturdays. It was filmed on lacation in the National Forest and includes Bible experts such as Neil Nedley, Shelly Quinn, Steve Wohlberg and Jerry Bandy who give reasons why an animal might rest on Saturdays. Hosted by Larren Cole who conducted an observational study that lasted more than 10 years! The story is fascinating, the cinematography is excellent.
Great gift for sharing!

A complete natural foods cookbook emphasizing the Genesis 1:29 original diet for humans. This award winning classic has over 1000 heart healtly recipes and 1300 color photographs on 675 pages. This masterpiece cookbook is my personal favorite!

Ten Talents Cookbook

This beautifully illustrated cook book is adapted from the Ten Talents cookbook. It  includes 225 Fresh Raw, Whole Foods, Vegetarian, Vegan and Soy/Gluten Free recipes. You'll find practical health tips, 15 food charts, 3 glossaries, a nutritional analysis of each recipe plus 10 timeless health secrets for vibrant living. Each page is bursting with colorful illustrations and beautiful photos.

Better Choices Cookbook



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