Larren Cole is a speaker and the director for Desire Media and Desire Prophecy Seminars, which is a supporting ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist church that urgently calls people to give their lives to Jesus and join God's remnant people. 
  In 1995,  Larren graduated from Loma Linda University with a degree in Physical Therapy. He has been married to his only wife, Mickey, for 18 years and together they have 5 children.

   In 2002, Larren heard the Holy Spirit's call to quit his work in Physical Therapy and devote all his time to his family and ministry. Now, together with family and a few other dedicated ministers, Larren commits his time to producing, publishing, and giving Bible studies and prophecy seminars. Larren's family is also involved in video production to enhance their ministry.

Larren Cole has spoken or held evangelsitic meetings in Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennesee, and Illinois.
Larren is currently an elder in a Gulf States Conference SDA church but currently spends most of his time as an approved speaker in the N. Calif. and Oregon SDA conferences.

"High Elevation"
Don't you want your kids in heaven?

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Testimonies about Larren Cole

    "Larren Cole is on our Conference Approved Speaker List.  In the churches where I have scheduled him here in Oregon, I have received requests to send him again as a guest speaker-soon.  Comments have come in that he provides food for spiritual growth, communicates message effectively, speaks to the needs of the congregation.  Furthermore, his sermon delivery, content, structure, doctrinal soundness, organized thoughts, and Christ-centeredness are excellent.  I recommend him as a speaker in your conference."
       Lee Haynes  Adminstrative Assistant
       Oregon Conference of Seventh-Day   

. "I am currently the production Manager for the Three Angels Broadcasting Network. With this note I should like to commend to you Elder Larren Cole. Larren whom I have known and worked with for the past four years has appeared on our network on at least two occasions and I have worked with him at the Oregon Conference sponsored Lassen Creek camp meeting for two years and have spent time in his home.  I commend him to you without hesitation or personal opinion is that he will do a fine job informing, inspiring and uplifting those who sit under his preaching. Perhaps the highest commendation that can be given about someone is that they are a Christian. Larren Cole is certainly that and as such worthy of the trust that must be placed in anyone allowed to speak a work of truth before the saints of God on Sabbath mornings."
        CA Murray   3ABN Productions Manager

Cole family at General Conference 2010

"He has always done an outstanding job at our church. I would recommend him with no reservations."
         Pastor Daniel Thompson  Gulf States Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

    "I listened to your sermon "Country Living." This is an excellent sermon and completely Bible based. I am
commissioning you to preach this sermon in every church in the conference especially in the cities."
       Pastor George P. White   Oregon Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

"He's good - would make a good minister."

"Excellent presentation! Bible centered sermon with great insights. Kept me focused and alert throughout."

"Thanks for being willing to share God's love with our other small churches!"   Lee

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