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Revelation's Remnant Church

Does God have ONE true church on Earth?

Suspected of faking his miracles, “faith healer” Peter Popoff was under secret investigation. During one of Popoff's meetings, undercover agents were able to intercept and record secret radio transmissions that came from Mrs. Popov to a miracle ear which he wore. Peter’s wife would casually interview guests in the lobby to get their name, address and any ailment they might have. Then, she would secretly broadcast the information to Peter’s miracle ear during the meeting. When Peter would call out that person’s name, the person would be so impressed that the preacher actually knew their name, address, and ailment, they would immediately think it was God giving Popov the information. Now, the person called up was convinced that God was going to heal them, and since they were already there in hope of being healed, they actually experienced feelings of euphoria and even some relief from their illness. But the relief was only temporary. So undercover investigators hired ‘actors’ to come to the meetings acting as if they had some illness. Sure enough, the wife would interview them, getting their name, address and illness. And sure enough, they’d be called up by Peter who recited just what they told his wife. When confronted with the evidence, Peter denied that he faked his healing and insisted he was a true prophet sent from God. Is there a way for the average person to tell if something is from God or not? Is there a deception detector that can help us tell the difference? The answer is yes. The Bible. The Bible is a flawless deception detector, and we’re going to use it to find out if God has a true church on this earth. Click on the button below to begin this lesson:

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