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Animals and People that Rest on Saturday

This seminar has up to 8 presentations; see below

Famous Adventists

Distinct Doctrines

Though relatively small in comparison, the Adventist Church does have it's fair share of notable members. In this presentation, I share a fascinating biographical sketch of some of these “famous” Adventists along with 7 distinct bible pillars they adhere to.

USA and SDAs

in the Book of Esther

The book of Esther adds to the end-time scenario; Esther was a faithful servant in the right place at the right time in order to save her people. Will this same scenario play out at the end of time in the United States and in the SDA Church?

The Seventh day Beavers

Animals that Rest

In 2016 I completed an observational study and a TV documentary about a family of beavers that rest on Saturdays. The film is now airing on networks worldwide. I’m now gathering data from other people, including scientists, about other animals that seem to rest on Saturdays. Pray for us as we plan a follow up documentary called, Animals that Rest on Saturday.

Why I Have Confidence

in Ellen White

Is it because she's the author of 15 million words? Or because she's the most prolific female writer in history? Or she's one of Smithsonian’s 100 most significant Americans of all time? Passes all biblical tests? These are all good reasons to have confidence, but let me share with you my own personal reason; one that will likely SURPRISE you!

I Have to Work on Sabbath

Pray for Me

What do you do when the boss calls you in to work on a Saturday? So many Sabbath keeping Christians struggle with this issue. This presentation is about a personal experience encounter I had with "Wally" who asked me this very question. The answer I gave surprised even myself! See how this issue is directly related to the Mark of the Beast issue that we'll face just before Jesus returns.

Adventist Evangel-phobia

7 steps to overcome this fear

This is a THERAPY SESSION! I’ve found that so many of our dear church members have a fear of evangelism! So I’ve developed 7 awesome and encouraging principles that will help remove the stigma and fear surrounding evangelism, which really is the life-blood or our church.

Why are Some Adventists

NOT on-Fire?

Why are some people so passionate about their faith while others are complacent? Discover the secret to being on-fire for Jesus as He makes it plain by contrasting the lives of Mary and Simon. Then, apply this simple remedy for yourself!

Did a Calendar Change Affect

the Weekly Sabbath?

This is an awesome study. FInd out how our Saturday today is the same Saturday Sabbath during the time of Jesus and long before. We take a close look at 3 scientific evidences; Circaceptan Rhythms, Jewish Diaspora studies, and Astronomy. God has not left us in darkness!

Our whole congregation enjoys the way you present TRUTH without an excuse! This topic about Sabbath and Sunday, loyalty worship in the END days before Jesus Returns…will develop and grow exponentially...keep moving forward in faith brother Larren! We will help you get this message out to the world! W. Paul, OR