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Animals that STOP WORKING on Saturday?

That's exactly what I discovered after conducting a 16 year observational study of one particular family of beavers near my home. This study took place in a remote wilderness area of the National Forest near my home, and this "resting" behavior was passed along to their offspring. Watch the video trailer here>

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After years of study and documenting my findings, my observations were that this family of beavers never came out of their lodge on Saturdays but they were fully active on all the other days of the week.

This brings up several questions:

Did God originally program these working animals to rest one day every week? If so, why Saturday? Isn't Sunday supposed to be God's "rest" day?

Has mainstream Christianity LOST SIGHT of God's TRUE SABBATH Day?

Click on the following link to check out a special study I put together to answer these questions:

FREE ONLINE Bible Study about Sabbath

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