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Animals that rest on Saturday?

That's exactly what I discovered after conducting a prolonged observational study of one particular family of beavers near my home. I've spent years in this extremely remote wilderness area observing and documenting my findings.

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I've spent years in this extremely remote wilderness area observing and documenting my findings. My observations were that this family of beavers never came out of their lodge on Saturdays but they were fully active on all the other days of the week. This discovery is so amazing and has so many fascinating details that I felt impressed to share the whole story in a video documentary. This amazing documentary is now airing on TV networks around the world and now it's available on DVD. Filmed on location in high definition, the cinematography is excellent! The story includes Bible experts such as Neil Nedley, Shelly Quinn, Steve Wohlberg and Jerry Bandy who give reasons why an animal might rest on Saturdays. Great for sharing!

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